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About Wolf: Proven 14+ year “Winning with Women” solution bringing female employees and customers together with male employees to enable significant business and cultural results.

Significant Wins with Female Market-Share
Pipeline of Female Employees at all Levels
Strong Culture That Empowers and Inspires All

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WOLF Means Business is a 14 year old proven solution comprised of three pillars:

  • 1) Committed Innovation
  • 2) Orchestrated Networking
  • 3) On-Purpose Give Backs

WOLF continues to prove outcomes in Fortune 50 historically male-dominated companies/industries and privately held organizations.

WOLF engages first with you in an assessment of your culture, risks, and opportunities.  We then partner together at the top of the organization to harness your assets and prescribe a custom solution that wins short, mid, and long-term with your leaders making the wins happen.

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Selected Clients Include:

Benco Dental: The Lucy Hobbs Project

Best Buy



Major League Baseball


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Celebrating 14 Years of WOLF Wins:

The initial genesis of WOLF occurred in 2003.  At that time Julie Gilbert was creating a new business called Magnolia Home Theatre for Best Buy, a $50 billion annual revenue consumer electronics and entertainment business.  As she built Magnolia, a business in its initial configurations, she had her lens on the high-end male customer.  However, through home-visits with high-end male and female customers, she built relationships with the women.  She very quickly realized a sea change (invisible in 2003) was taking place and she had a tremendous opportunity to inspire, do the right things, and “win with her!”.

She began moving from her executive role by weekday to working in the Best Buy stores with the sales teams in California and Washington DC on the weekends measuring every sale based on engagement with the female consumers and trying new sales models ‘live.’

Following one powerful day of enlightenment in 2004, Julie had a dream taking her back to her childhood when she would stay up late at night listening to wolves howl.  She immediately saw the commonality between what was happening in the consumer electronics industry, specifically Best Buy, and the wolves.  The voices of customers and customer-facing employees, like the howls, were unheard and, therefore, not being mobilized.

Julie was inspired to act.  She started building a holistic approach to organically mobilize the voices of employees and customers (women and men) into innovation teams (wolf packs) wired directly into the business owners in the corporate office, orchestrated networking events and meetings, events, and on-purpose ‘wolf pack’ give backs in the communities the company served.

She launched the wolf packs, engaged the corporate office, measured outcomes, adjusted and engaged more and more female customers.  Partnering and collaborating, engaging, and innovating, she pulled the organization together building packs, omega packs, beta packs, and alpha packs.  The winning outcomes started showing their worth within the first 90 days.

Julie persevered and early into the launching of WOLF.  She inspired the CEO, Brad Anderson who quickly ensured Julie’s staying power in the organization dedicating resources, and making Julie a deal to ensure she continued to inspire and build the platform for the organization, giving her the exclusive rights to WOLF intellectual property the freedom to take WOLF to companies outside of Best Buy as long as she launched and scaled it there first.

In 2009, Julie and a tremendous WOLF team had accomplished the most important financial outcomes, expanded the culture of Best Buy to an inclusive, vibrant, innovative organization with each person having their personal leadership in the middle of the work, which became that of the organization.

IMD, The Executive Leadership University in Lausanne, Switzerland conducted a 5 Year Case Study on WOLF at Best Buy under Julie’s leadership and validated the impact.  Some key wins:

* $4.4 billion incremental female revenue
* Top Customer = Female with Average Basket of $2,600 vs Historic High of $1,800 (50 Year Old Male Customer)
*100% increase in females in the most profitable business unit
*37% increase in Women applications within 60 days of launching a Wolf Pack in the community nearest the retail business
*5% reduction in female turnover
*18% increase in the number of female employees
*Positive outcome for the organization in a previously filed legal action lawsuit

and many more….

In 2009, Julie transitioned outside Best Buy and began engaging amazingly led visionary CEO’s and C-Suite teams to implement WOLF inside their organizations.


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We partner with your C-suite team and organization to create a solution that maximizes business outcomes, market share, cultural inclusiveness, and protections

Your culture is the key to winning!